About Us




ICOM Nepal, a non-profit organization is national committee of International Council of museums (ICOM) a global organization of museum professionals. ICOM Nepal is a membership based association of national level museum professionals working in Nepal.As an organization of museums and museum professionals it is committed enrich and facilitate according to ICOM Definition the research, conservation, and communication to community of the country about the tangible and intangible cultural heritage as supporting and expert agency to government and stakeholders.

Since it is also a forum of museum experts, it works on awareness, advocacy and capacity buildings on the issues related to cultural heritage. It is also a voice of museum professionals to link their issues, concerns through dialogue, discussion, capacity building, knowledge production and dissemination.

Registered under the office of the company registrar as not for profit organizations in August 2016. It is also affiliated with Social Welfare Council. ICOM Nepal unites museum professionals dedicated to museum sector. With a multifaceted mission encompassing dialogue, capacity building of museum professionals, research, advocacy, conservation and education related to museum sector.  ICOM Nepal is operated abiding by its own constitutions, national law and ICOM’s guidelines, standard and code of ethics for Museums.