Mr. Suresh Man Lakhe- Immediate Past Chair

Mr Suresh Man LAKHE, a Muselogist, serves as the Museum Officer in Patan Museum since 2007. He is a researcher of museums, tangible and intangible cultures as well as presenting papers in national and intentional conferences. His research includes the museums, tangible and intangible culture documentation and study of museology practices in Nepal. ┬áHe attained his master in Museology and Buddhist Collection and Master in Nepalese History, Culture, and Archeology. Enriching his knowledge and skill by attaining various training on museums, conservation, preservation and exhibition with marketing of museums form China, India and abroad, Mr. LAKHE deserves expertise on museum management and design, and implementation of the museum’s projects. He has been an ICOM member since 2009 and served as Chair of ICOM Nepal National Committee from 2019-2022 and board member of ICOM International Committee for Marketing and Public Relation (MPR) Board Member 2019-2022. He is the Founder Member of “Museum of Erotic Arts” Kathmandu.